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Where’s Benito? There he is!

Caitlyn, Elijah and Benito added on a session to their one-year baby plan- and I am so glad that they did. Literally, for one hour, it did not rain in Apple Hill and that was the hour we were there. The overcast skies made all of the color so rich. What a cutie he is not to mention his totally adoring parents. It’s so fun to do sessions with a family over the year and get to watch their little

Grateful with the Pooley Family

I know the Pooley family is not shy of Uncles that they love but "Tío" joins their crew reminding them just how important family is. After a serious family health scare in September where Bryan's quick and experienced action was crucial- they decided it was time for some dog energy. And it was. Enter Tio- the therapy dog. Ohmmmm.....

The Hines extended family at Fausel Ranch

It’s that time of the year when families and their extended families get together and make sure to get their annual photographs of the whole crew and their growing families. I met up recently with the Hinds’ extended family at the Fausel Ranch– Deanna and David Fausel are old friends of Susan and David and their kids all grew up on the Ranch together- a second home if you will. A little of this, a little of that- it’s like