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It’s ALL about the bubbles….

It’s not always “hitting the ground running” with a session, especially with toddlers and a timeframe. While this one started off a bit shaky, we were able to find a rhythm with Miss Madelynn and capture some lovely images. While I’m certain Mandy and Tom, whom I photographed their gorgeous spring wedding in the exact

Graydon, Tom and Monika

Graydon is growing like a weed. Having met him for the first time at his birth, I’m so grateful to get to check in on him annually and the things that make this eleven-year-old, tick. In fact, this is my tenth session with Graydon. Though this session did not include it, I understand that he

Meadow, El Dorado High, Class of 2023

She was on a Cheer Team from Kindergarten through Junior year and then chose to intern in a dental office, senior year, to become a dental assistant while she goes to college. This fall she is moving to San Luis Obispo to attend a community college for 2 years and working as a dental assistant. The ocean calls her however, and she would like to transfer to a good dental school near the ocean.