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A mother, in the window light of the afternoon nurses her new baby in Sacramento, California
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Sarah graduates from Charter University Prep in 2024

Her advice to incoming high schoolers is to "prioritize your mental health and listen to your gut- if something seems too stressful or just doesn't feel right, find another way that works better for you. This will make your high school journey so much more enjoyable". She has the wisdom of a person 20 years her senior.

Schlavin/Pittman families at Sly Park Lake

Well, this session was a couple of years in the planning. With Eric and Ginger’s home finally repaired from the destruction of the Caldor fire two years ago, and Laurie and Jason’s daughter, Myra heading off to college in Santa Cruz soon, the time was right. I met the extended Schlavin/Pittman families out at the lake and on Grandparent’s Day too! Both of my kids were lucky enough to be “Schlavin Middle School alums” and my oldest, Jaz was in town from Scotland and got to help me out on

Young and in love- Bonnie and Richard

Richard and Bonnie got to know each other when Bonnie showed up at Richard’s door during the Caldor Fire in order to evacuate her home.